Volunteer Toolkit

RAPS is a volunteer-driven organization and we invite everyone in the regulatory community to engage with us by becoming a volunteer. Whether it be a micro-opportunity, such as sharing a Focus article with colleagues, or a long-term position on one of our committees, we value all volunteer contributions. RAPS offers a diverse range of opportunities in leadership, engagement, communications, content creation and governance.

To help you better understand our mission and strategic goals, RAPS has created an online resource to help you on your volunteer journey. The Volunteer Toolkit is a compilation of content crafted to arm volunteers with the information needed to be successful in their role. It also provides tools and resources to help you develop certain skill sets and outlines the expectations and behaviors that foster positive successful volunteer contributions.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about engaging as a volunteer. Our goal is to ensure that you have a positive volunteer experience and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Volunteer opportunities are sorted into five stages, with an increase in time commitment and duties along each level. Once the commitment has been completed, volunteers are a assigned a virtual badge corresponding with the level of the opportunity to share proudly in your Regulatory Exchange community.

Getting Started With Your Toolkit

  • Log in to the Learning Portal
  • Select the "Enroll Now" button for your Volunteer Level


Online Course
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Non-Member Free

Volunteer Toolkit: Level 1

These opportunities, short tasks of less than an hour, are a great way to get plugged into the global RAPS community.
Online Course
Member Free
Non-Member Free

Volunteer Toolkit: Level 2

This level involves small projects take a few hours. The focus is on connecting with the regulatory community and share the value of RAPS.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for your professional association is a great way to enhance your career, expand your connections and have fun!

Other reasons to volunteer include:

  • learn and develop new skills: enhance leadership, communication and relationship-building skills by engaging with others
  • gain valuable experience: volunteer experience shows employers that you are a respected, contributing member of your professional community
  • expand your network: meet like-minded professionals and build long-term personal and professional relationships
  • increase your visibility: participating as a volunteer exposes you to others in the industry, including hiring managers and recruiters
  • strengthen your resume: volunteer experience always bolsters a resume and reinforces your commitment to the profession

We encourage you to visit the volunteer opportunity listings to explore what’s currently available. While some opportunities remain open year-round, higher level positions are recruited during specific application windows, so visiting the volunteer opportunity listing page frequently is recommended. You can also take a few minutes to complete your RAPS Profile, which will allow us to contact you when a position that matches your skills and experience becomes available.