Emerging Technology and Analytics in Risk Management (On-demand Webcast)

This is an On-demand recording from July 2019.

The expectations regarding the use of data to drive risk and compliance program effectiveness remain high with leaders and regulators across the industry. However, the adoption of emerging technology and advanced analytics to derive meaningful outcomes continues to be a challenge.

During this webcast we will explore solutions to how companies are approaching this challenge:

  • “Non-technical” overview of key emerging technologies, as well as foundational concepts such as data quality, governance, frameworks that are key inputs to a data-driven risk program
  • Overview of trends relating to the use of data and AI to drive compliance and risk strategy outcomes
  • Approaches to use advanced analytics to drive predictive risk approaches, to allow you to react to events before they happen

We will focus the discussion for non-technical professionals, to increase practical understanding of complex technology solutions and analytics concepts. We will also leverage recent pharmaceutical industry case studies to better apply these concepts in the regulatory domain and increase the collective understanding. In addition, we will provide practical examples for the RAPS audience to take back to their companies to drive immediate value.

Learning Objectives

Upon the webcast's conclusion, you will be able to: 

  • Understand how evolution of data, technologies and analytical methods is accelerating the ability to derive competitive insights
  • Recognize the different stages of compliance data analytics maturity curve
  • Enhance your compliance monitoring programs with technology enabled advanced analytics

Who Should Attend

  • Head of Regulatory Functions (Compliance, Medical Quality, Audit, Submissions)
  • Divisional Leaders (R&D, Commercial, Product)
  • Risk Management Functional Leaders / Teams (ERM, Quality Management System Leads)



Brian Riewerts, partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Brian Riewerts is a partner in PwC's Advisory practice and has global responsibility for PwC's Life Sciences governance, risk management, and compliance practice. With over eighteen years of experience, he focuses his practice in the areas of compliance and enterprise-wide risk management program strategy and design, compliance auditing and monitoring, and CIA/IRO negotiation and implementation support. Riewerts is a frequent speaker and author on regulatory and compliance issues related to the pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and medical device industries.


Lorie Wijntjes, managing director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Lorie Wijntjes is a managing director with 30 years of experience as a statistician. She is a leader within PwC’s health industries analytics Gcompetency and assists clients in the areas of modeling, statistical sampling, surveys, data management, and AI/predictive analytics. While her experience spans industry sectors, for the past 15 years she has focused primarily on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She has also supported many investigation and litigation matters on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and has been a named expert in several matters involving statistical quantification for Fortune 100 clients. Lorie holds a MS Statistics from American University.  She is also a co-leader of PwC’s Analytics Academy and helped establish PwC’s analytics center of excellence.


Gana Palghat, director, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Gana Palghat is a director with the Health Industries, New Services and Emerging Technologies practice with over 14 years of experience in developing Big Data and ML solutions for our clients. He helps our clients identify the right blend of technical capabilities from traditional data integration models to next generation analytics around Big Data, NLP, Blockchain, ML and AI to meet the business goals of their organizations. Palghat has end to end data lifecycle experience starting from driving business strategy and executing programs setting up our clients for success. He not only has strategy experience but also hands on implementation experience in traditional analytics approaches (ETL, Data Models, BI tools) as well as recent capabilities (Cloud solutions, Sentiment and Voice analytics, Schema on Read, Big Data Architecture, Python, R scripting). Palghat has a Masters in computer science, a scrum certified product owner, AWS certified professional and currently doing a data science certification with Johns Hopkins.